What does music mean to you? Some people like Taylor Swift have been quoted saying that although people are sometimes not there for you, music will always be there. Music indeed does have a special spot and meaning in each of us no matter the genre be it blues, jazz, pop, hip hop, rock et cetera. To me, for instance, music is that friend that always seems to know what you’re going through and knows what just to say to make everything feel better.

We, adults, are not the only ones that feel the effect of music, our children do too. Why else would lullabies exist? In fact, they sometimes seem to enjoy music more than we do like when you catch them shaking their hands like the drummer in the band. Speaking of drums, have you heard of the kid's drum set? No? Yes? Either way, allow me to tell you about it or more depending on your response.

What is a Kids Drum Set?

Imagine a drum set, now imagine a toy-like model of the same; that image in your head is what we call a kids drum set. Some of the main features that kid's drum sets have are:

· A pair of drumsticks

· Built-in melodies and beats from various genres such as pop, dance etc.

· A cymbal or rod

· A foot pedal and a small stool

· Some have lights

· Most have animations printed on them and bright colors

· Some may include certain modes of play such as letters, numbers, follow-along and free play.

· Components could be made from metal, wood, plastic and sometimes a combination.

How does my child benefit from having a kid’s drum set?

Other than a kids drum set introducing your child to a whole world of fun it also:

From what age can my child use a kid’s drum set?

· Teaches your child the alphabet and how to count in a fun way, this is for those with the letters and numbers mode.

Encourages creativity in your child while he or she comes up with new drum beats.

Improves your child’s appreciation for music as he/she gets to learn the art of music.

Improves your child’s right and left hand coordination as he/she drums- this helps train both his/her right and left brain.

Gives your child a sense of individuality as drumming becomes something he does for himself/herself.

This usually depends on the make of the kid's drum set or rather the specifications, materials, and design. Some kid's drum sets can be used by children from as young as 2 years, such drum sets are usually much lighter.

Do kids drum sets have an age limit?

Yes, they do and again this all depends on the make of the kid's drum set and how accommodating the components are to weight and size increase. For example, you will find that some kids drum sets are recommended for kids between 2-5 years, 3-7 years, 2-4 years et cetera.

In conclusion, a kid’s drum set is literally a multi purpose toy in that it is fun, educational, and musical. Now, what excuse could you possibly have for not getting your little adorable child a little adorable kid's drum set? They are literally a match made in heaven wouldn't you agree?

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